Tim Allen's 1968 Camaro

How do you build a serious ride for a car guy like Tim Allen?

Take the style of a car he admired in his youth, mix in a bit of a Trans-Am racer, add upgrades where they make sense and keep it as stealth as possible. Tim has fond memories of a friend’s 1968 Camaro with a super strong 327. He also admires the Trans Am racer prepped by Smokey Yunick and likes the added displacement and horsepower of the 1969 427 COPO (Central Office Production Order) Camaros. These three cars were the inspiration for Tim’s COPO.

Smokey’s influence is clearly visible in Tim’s modified COPO.

Smokey’s classic Camaro featured signature body modifications, such as flared quarter panels and front fenders to fit a wider stance. The noses of his cars were angled off, and the gutters were ditched to decrease wind resistance. This car isn’t tricked out with chrome and accessories—just simplified, streamlined beauty.

Being a serious car guy, Tim wanted his Camaro to have those vintage looks, but also wanted enhancements to keep it serviceable in the 21st century.

For example, the Rally wheels are actually fabricated 17-inchers to accommodate modern 14-inch Brembo brakes, the dash was converted to digital and climate control by Vintage Air. Most of all, he wanted it to look like the vintage cars he has loved his whole life, and at the same time, feel like a car you could buy right off the lot today. Modern fit and finish technology allow the doors to slam like a Bimmer but also maintain that 1969 Americana feeling.

Behind the wheel of this dark green beauty, you’ll feel the horsepower clamoring to be released.

The engine is an anniversary 427 LS7 only available in the 2013 convertible Corvette, and all that power is managed by a Keisler five-speed transmission and a 3-inch aluminum drive shaft.

The original Camaros were a unibody design and infamous for body flex, so we did focus on structure.

The chassis and suspension by Detroit Speed and Engineering is very tight, which yields improved handling and braking, so you can really feel what the car is doing, especially since you are connected to the wheels via a Flaming River steering column. Incredibly precise shifting is handled by a Keisler five-speed transmission. Equipped with plenty of torque, the rear wheels beg to break loose in every gear and at any speed. Recaro seats, wrapped in black leather to look like factory seats, were used to ensure the driver is snug in the cockpit. The dashboard is streamlined and houses digital instrumentation fashioned to look identical to the factory gauges. The shifter is on the floor with no center console to get in the way. Just like the exterior, there’s nothing out of place inside the functional interior of this beautiful machine.

The engine itself is a work of art.

Tim’s expertise and attention to detail are evident in the matching materials and textures under the hood. Great care was taken to tuck away all of the modern technology that accompanied the LS7 – sensors, wiring harnesses, and plumbing. Pop the hood and it’s strictly business.

The result is a car that takes Tim back to his youth on Woodward Avenue and makes grown men drool.

This classically built car is an automobile aficionado’s dream.


  • Magnaflow: Magnaflow
  • Dynamat: Dynamat
  • Flaming River: Flaming River
  • Brembo: Brembo
  • Chevy Performance: Chevy Performance
  • Classic Industries: Classic Industries
  • Detroit Speed: Detroit Speed
  • Keisler Engineering: Keisler Engineering
  • Mattson's Custom Radiator: Mattson's Custom Radiator
  • OER: OER
  • Steele Rubber Products: Steele Rubber Products
  • Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories: Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories
  • Vintage Air: Vintage Air


Chassis/Suspension: Detroit Speed and Engineering
Braking: 14" Brembo brakes
Motor: Anniversary 427 LS7
Aspiration: Naturally aspirated
Keisler 5 speed transmission
Steering: Flaming River steering column
Interior: Bill Dunn
Exhaust: Magnaflow 2.5"
Cooling system: Mattson aluminum radiator
Misc parts: Classic Industries
Climate control: Vintage Air
Driveline: Inland Empire Driveline 3" aluminum
Weather stripping: Steele Rubber Products
Wheels: Vintage Wheel

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