1965 Mustang GT 700s

We built this car for George Russo and his son, Adam. George was a fun client for us. He had a love of all things Shelby and had a pretty clear vision for what he wanted. We were able to attain his vision as this car morphed from a basic hot rod restoration to an over-the-top Shelby-looking build.

This ‘65 Mustang has a nearly original stance on 17-inch Vintage Wheel Works wheels. We didn’t make many body modifications. Fabricating the GT-50-style hood out of steel was the biggest body modification, and we had to do that to to accommodate the Edelbrock E-Force 700-horsepower crate engine supercharged with Coyote power. Other modifications in the engine bay include the CNR Racing aluminum radiator, air conditioning, electric power booster for the brakes and electric power steering. This car may be the perfect combination of modern convenience with vintage style.

Speaking of convenience, the pieces of the front end come apart, meaning you can actually take the car apart for maintenance. That’s a bonus most shade-tree mechanics will appreciate.

This Fastback is called the GT700S for the 700-horsepower engine that’s capable of producing 600 foot-pounds of torque, which is not insignificant. There’s also no denying the multitude of GT influences on this car. The front bumper is a Shelby replica, the rear bumper is tucked and narrowed and the chrome has a matte finish. With the Washington Blue paint chosen from a 1936 Ford pick-up truck and slightly darkened, this rod is a looker. The white stripes really pop against the darker blue color, giving the rod a unique look. Another unique feature of this build is the one-piece window. Most cars of this vintage have smaller side vent windows.

Inside, there are Auto Meter guages, and the transmission tunnel has been refabricated to accommodate the larger transmission, but we kept the shape like the original. We used 2006 Mustang seats and customized them to look like 1965 vintage with pleats. The gray upholstery ties in well with the darkened Washington Blue paint.

The suspension is ours. It really hugs the road. The engine sounds great … really purrs … without a lot of blower whine. The exhaust sounds like a real muscle car--it sounds as good as it drives.

This build took about 2 years to complete, but the results were well worth the effort. Not only am I pleased with the build, but George and Adam should be able to share their enjoyment of this vehicle with future generations.

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