So what was the real story behind the Studebaker sink? When I saw the dilapidated 1950 Studebaker Champion my mind raced on how much work this car was gonna need. Things changed when our client said he wanted it into a sink (yes indeed, the intentions were to make it into a sink!)
The Studebaker Champion was designed to be a reasonable cost car ($660) for a nation still recovering from the great depression. First released in 1939 sales of the original model kept Studebaker out of bankruptcy as car sales plummeted during WWII. As the war concluded the Champion was redesigned with it's iconic bullet nose grill and American car buyers couldn't get enough. Dealerships were so crowded around the country that people would actually wait in line to check out the car.  Along with cosmetic upgrades the car was also outfitted with a new big bloc v8 engine and was designed to be light giving it better gas mileage that most of the heavy weight construction cars of the day.
Mitchell and Kirk took out the engine, the hard way apparently, detached the body from the frame and cut straight through the hood to separate it from the rest of car so we just had the front end to work with.
The exterior of the hood was grinded, sandblasted, and had electrical work done so the headlights could still function.
A lot of work went into making sure this thing was would work as a sink. We mounted it into a mock wall before it went off to paint. When it was done we installed faucets and a stainless steel bowl to match the clients bathroom.
In the end it was a fun project and ended up lookin bitchin!

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