"Pickup the Pieces"

The third generation of this iconic Ford pick up truck was famous for being the first off-the-line production vehicle with 4-wheel drive. Until this point 4-wheel drive could only be achieved through modification by third party kits. Easily identifiable by the clamshell hood this is the first Ford pick up truck to move away from single body construction simplifying repair and maintenance. The Y-Block engine, famously known as the "Thunderbird V-8," was used in the F-100 as well as the high end muscle cars Ford began cranking out in the 50's and 60's 

There is a reason Bodie sticks to restoring cars for customers, he admits to being awful at buying and selling, but knew it was a truck that Terry would be interested in purchasing and therefore worth his time.

The truck was in bad shape when we bought it, but according to the vin number it was a 4 wheel drive F100 with an original 292 engine. We could tell whoever owned the car before tried making changes to the suspension and drivetrain so we had to put it back to original.

The chassis was cracking and there was a ton of rot, which we figured was because it came from the east coast. A lot of hours and parts later, we were really happy to put together a complete factory restoration that was good enough for Terry to take home!

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BS Industries, Inc. is an award-winning Los Angeles based company that designs and builds Customs and Hot Rods of every conceivable form.

Keeping a full range of service in-house allows limitless creativity and attention to the personal desires of the client. Bodie Stroud, CEO, embodies a lifestyle brand of movable artistry and a passion for precision. Best known for sleek custom builds that put clients behind the wheel of their dreams.

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