67 Mustang

Dan Reynolds, of the Grammy Winning rock band Imagine Dragons, came to Bodie with the idea of having a custom, handmade 1967 Mustang fastback built, but left the rest in Bodie’s capable hands. His only other real requirement was that he wanted a car that he would be able to use as a daily driver and show off in-between gigs in his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada or anywhere else in the world.

“Bodie Stroud is hands down one of the most inventive and talented car builders in the industry today,” said Dan Reynolds. “I’ve dreamt of having a ‘67 Mustang since I was young and Bodie was absolutely the best man for the job – he is really good at keeping the classic integrity of the car while bringing his own creative modern twists to it. I can’t wait to see what he does with this project. I feel like a little boy on Christmas Eve.”

In true BSI fashion, the changes on this car were understated, but impactful on the overall appearance and ride of the Mustang. We put in a Roush Performance supercharged 5.0 liter Coyote engine in the car and equip it with modern brakes from Wilwood. To make it sound like a real “Monster,” the we had a custom-made exhaust from MagnaFlow installed. The chassis and suspension are 100% BSI engineered to give it the handling of a modern sports car for the best ride in a classic car.

Building this Mustang for Dan was a great project. He was a great customer and I liked that he had a basic idea of what he wanted built, but let me build the car my way. His expression was priceless and made it all worth while.


Engine: 5.0-liter Coyote Crate Engine

Forced Induction: 2.3-liter TVS Supercharger

Driveshaft: Inland Empire Driveline 3.5-inch aluminum
Type: Rack and Pinion
 Flaming River
Steering Column: Flaming River


Seats: Recaro

Gauges: Ford GT gauges by SpeedHut

A/C System: Vintage Air


Front Wheels: American Racing/Shelby Cobra 427, 17x9.5-inch, 6-inch backspacing

Rear Wheels: American Racing/Shelby Cobra 427, 17x9.5-inch, 5-inch backspacing

Front Tires: BFGoodrich 255/40-R17

Rear Tires: BFGoodrich 275/40-R17


Paint: House of Kolor Custom Grey


Fuel Pump: Aeromotive

Fuel Tank/Cell: Aeromotive


Front Caliper: Wilwood six-piston

Rear Caliper: Wilwood four-piston


Headers: Original Ford

Exhaust: MagnaFlow 2.5-inch stainless


Radiator: Mattson Radiators


Chassis: Bodie Stroud Industries Front IFS Clip and rear triangulated four-link


Front Suspension: Bodie Stroud Industries IFS

Rear Suspension: Triangulated four-link

Shocks: JRI Shocks

Sway Bars: Speedway Engineering

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