Carl's Jr. Plymouth

Almost every American is familiar with the burger wars and fast food beginnings of Carl Karcher launching his legendary company Carl’s Jr. in 1941. Convinced that Americans wanted faster prepared food for their new metropolitan lifestyle, Karcher started his first fast food stand in Los Angeles after borrowing $311 by putting up his Plymouth as collateral. That hot dog stand eventually paid off and Karcher grew his empire into the mega-corporate business that helps define American culture.

To commemorate the restaurant chain’s 75th anniversary, we restored a 1941 Plymouth Super Deluxe for CKE Restaurants CEO, Andy Puzder. Andy brought us the Plymouth in fair shape for restoration and customization, deciding that it made sense for a Los Angeles based restoration shop to take on this project because the burger chain origins. Puzder chose a ’41 Plymouth because it was in 1941 when Karcher and his wife borrowed the $311 (equal to $5,217 in today’s economy) against their Plymouth to buy the first hot dog cart that would become Carl’s Jr.

The original plan for this car was strictly a factory restoration, but after Bodie and Andy discussed the goals for the car they decided it was best for it receive modern steering, upgraded brakes, modern suspension, air conditioning and custom gauges for performance and reliability. Which of course includes an engine upgrade to a late model Hemi that pumps out nearly 400 horsepower. We also flew out our good friend Mike Lavallee of Killer Paint knowing his "True Fire" flame technique would be the perfect finishing touch!

The Plymouth is set to hit the road and tour select Carl’s Jr. locations across the U.S. At the culmination of the tour, the car will then be auctioned off to raise funds for Carl’s Jr.’s Stars for Heroes program supporting American military veterans.

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